Adeptus Titanicus: March of the Black Queen


“It was once held that there was nothing so pure as man. From man came artifice, and so artifice was deemed pure also. When man was found to be corrupt, that corruption spread to all that he had created, and all that had been learned was lost.” – Archaia Titanicus


  • Sunday Sept. 8th
  • 9:30am – 5:30pm
  • 3 Rounds
  • 1500 points

Adeptus Titanicus Narrative ‘March of the Black Queen’ will be a three-round, story-driven event. Players will be involved in a mini-campaign to determine whether Loyalist or Traitor forces will carry the day on Lhamia Secundus (Lhamia II) as part of the larger Lhamian Reprisal. This event will be based on the Greying Legion’s Adepticon narrative events and as such will focus on friendly & fun games. Unique scenarios and themed tables will reflect the struggle fought on Lhamia Secundus!

Players should bring a list composed of 1500 points. This list will be used in all three rounds, so a flexible force should be considered. Players will declare their loyalty prior to the event and every effort will be made to accommodate your allegiance. This being a narrative event, conversions are encouraged and models will be expected to be painted & based.

NOTE: you must also purchase a General Admission ticket in addition your event ticket.

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