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How It Works

Convention attendees are encouraged to participate in Saturday’s consignment sale. Sword & Brush Staff are ready and waiting first thing in the morning for wargaming pieces (e.g. miniatures, terrain, etc.), figure kits, and reference materials that you wish to sell. Only these items will get space on the selling table. It is at the discretion of our Bring & Buy Coordinators whether we agree to sell your items. They reserve the right to refuse any seller/item.

We may start bright and early, but consignment items may be dropped off at any time during the sale. The Bring & Buy table will be staffed at all times.

Sellers can ‘cash-out’ at anytime during the sale, at which point 10% of each seller’s proceeds is held by the Sword & Brush Committee to offset the cost of the space. All non-sold items must be picked up by the seller no later than 5:00 pm that day (please note the change). Any items not picked up may be forfeit to the Sword & Brush Committee. If you need special arrangements, please contact us prior to the convention.

Rules & Regulations

Failure to adhere to these regulations is grounds for Refusal of Sale.

As stated, our Bring & Buy Coordinators reserve the right to refuse any consignment items from any seller. These guidelines are a requirement of participation as a seller at the Bring & Buy.

All sale items must be labelled. Label guidelines are as follows:

  • Label each item using only one sticker
  • Stickers must be easily removable, not tape of any kind or permanent labels (e.g. no envelope labels)
  • All sellers must complete a Bring & Buy Form
  • Each sticker must correspond with a listed item off the seller’s completed Bring & Buy Form
  • Each sticker must include seller’s 3-character initials, item number, and price
  • We will not accept unlabelled items or blank forms. Please do not drop off items without these requirements.

Looking to Buy?

Since items are sold by number, you won’t know who the seller is. The asking prices are determined by each seller prior to the sale. As such, Bring & Buy Staff do not negotiate prices. Sellers are able to adjust their prices at any point during the sale however, so it’s always a good idea to circle back in case of reduced pricing.